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The production of clean drinking water made possible by a scalable...

The promise of graphene-oxide membranes in achieving effective water filtration has been realised with the development of a membrane capable of sieving common salts.

Solar-powered synthetic skin could assist prosthetics function

Electronic prosthetics have the potential to enable a restoration of touch sensation, say scientists.

Flakes of Strength

A material with a sponge-like configuration giving it just 5% density has been shown to be 10 times stronger than steel. Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of...

Contaminant free graphene production now a reality

Making graphene at scale, efficiently and cost-effectively has been prevented in the past by manufacturing methods that leave an organic residue on the material...

2D or Not 2D Semi-Conductor Material

Semi-conductor materials enable devices to operate at high voltages and extremely high temperatures, useful in military radar, and lasers. The ultra-bandwidth versions promise advances...

Clean Water From Sponge-like material that Separates Out Contaminants

The foam consists of two materials: cellulose and graphene oxide, which conducts heat. When the foam is suspended in a container of water and...

Flexible transparent conductor developed

Indium tin oxide (ITO) is the technology world's main conductive material but it is very rare and becoming increasingly expensive. Graphene-based, GraphExeter, on the...

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