Shrimp shells prove key to biodegradable plastics

A way of manufacturing shopping bags made out of sustainable Crustacea-derived plastic has been developed.

Sweet material: biodegradable plastic made from sugar and carbon dioxide

Research suggests that biodegradable plastics can be made using sugar and carbon dioxide as a safer alternative to traditional polycarbonate plastic.

It’s a date: Agricultural waste preventing buildings leaking energy

A versatile and low cost material has been created to provide maximum insulation for use in the construction industry.

Super-hard diamond material developed capable of cutting through ultra-solid materials in mining

Nano-sized Lonsdaleite, a hexagonal diamond only found naturally at the site of meteorite impacts, has been created.
Graphene sieve

The production of clean drinking water made possible by a scalable membrane

The promise of graphene-oxide membranes in achieving effective water filtration has been realised with the development of a membrane capable of sieving common salts.

Solar-powered synthetic skin could assist prosthetics function

Electronic prosthetics have the potential to enable a restoration of touch sensation, say scientists.

The discovery of materials enabled by molecular mapping

The discovery of materials for use in applications including energy, pollutant mitigation, and pharmaceuticals is likely to be accelerated by state-of-the-art computer modelling.

Skin deep material feels the heat

An artificial skin has been created that is sensitive to changes in temperature.

Room temperature ceramics manufacture

A way of creating ceramic materials without using a kiln has been developed

In focus: Structural Change of metamaterials for improved cell phone lenses

Cell phones and other imaging devices may benefit from a new type of lens developed at nano scale.

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