Spray-On Water Repellent Protective Coating

A SPRAY-ON material that repels water could revolutionise the way boats are made seaworthy and save anyone who drops their phone in their drink.


Scientists claim the protective coating could also be used to prevent ice from forming on aeroplanes’ wings.

Scientists at the Nanotechnology Research Laboratory at The Australian National University (ANU) Research School of Engineering, including PhD student William Wong, have developed a transparent water-repellent coating consisting of a layer of nanoparticles, which is also resistant to ultraviolet radiation.

Two plastics were combined, one tough and one flexible, to create a particularly robust material.

Potential applications include windows of tall buildings, bathroom mirrors and presumably the windows of vehicles of various types.

The team believe that a next step is the development of coatings that are anti-corrosive, self-cleaning or oil-repellent.