Twice as Smart

Materials can be smart, but to be truly disruptive they need to be double smart (at least) and always answer the next question, as in – first question: what can it do? Next question: What else can it do? What are its qualities? What are its applications? What other ways can it be applied? What other qualities does it possess? etc.

For example, back in the day synthetic material was devised to be cheap, durable and adaptable with little attention given to its environmental impact. Today we tend to think in terms of Climate Change, but irrespective of what is going on in the atmosphere our planet would still require a cleansing makeover to ensure continued habitation in as many regions as possible. So, to be thought environmentally friendly a material is either biodegradable, or non-biodegradable but recyclable. However, a double-smart green material might be both, its lifecycle concluded by an agency that triggers is degrading after repeated full function. Similarly a material might absorb pollutants, but can it emit mitigants as well, or be applied in other ways?

Materials Science sets out to ask the ‘next question’ and the one after that, to look for hidden applications and share the answers as they are revealed.

Latest Articles

Sticky Slug Trail-Inspired medical adhesive

Wet skin not a problem with super-strong bio-compatible adhesive.

Hypersonic coating developed for heat mitigation in flight

A ceramic coating has been created for that will enable hypersonic travel and delivery by civil and military aircraft and rockets.

Shrimp shells prove key to biodegradable plastics

A way of manufacturing shopping bags made out of sustainable Crustacea-derived plastic has been developed.

Mission creep: illumination influences undulating movement of material

A polymer has been developed that moves forward like a caterpillar when exposed to light.

Living moisture-responsive suit designed

Sports garment features Ventilating flaps, lined with live cells, which open and close in response to an athlete’s sweat.