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Hypersonic coating developed for heat mitigation in flight

A ceramic coating has been created for that will enable hypersonic travel and delivery by civil and military aircraft and rockets.

Sweet material: biodegradable plastic made from sugar and carbon dioxide

Research suggests that biodegradable plastics can be made using sugar and carbon dioxide as a safer alternative to traditional polycarbonate plastic.

Microscopic Diamonds are Forever

Scientists are putting atoms together like Lego bricks to make microscopic wires just three atoms wide. The tiny strands are made using a shell of...

Flakes of Strength

A material with a sponge-like configuration giving it just 5% density has been shown to be 10 times stronger than steel. Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of...

Carbon-free storage for Electric Vehicles and Other Applications

Supercapacitors can be used in applications requiring rapid charge and discharge rather than longer-term compact energy storage, such as regenerative braking or power delivery...

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