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Tag: Nano materials

Slim conductor promises more efficient solar cells and better electronics

A super-thin material has been discovered that could mean smaller and faster electronics.

The production of clean drinking water made possible by a scalable...

The promise of graphene-oxide membranes in achieving effective water filtration has been realised with the development of a membrane capable of sieving common salts.

Room temperature ceramics manufacture

A way of creating ceramic materials without using a kiln has been developed

In focus: Structural Change of metamaterials for improved cell phone lenses

Cell phones and other imaging devices may benefit from a new type of lens developed at nano scale.

The future of LEDs in a super-thin bilayer material

Ultra-thin light emitting devices are one step closer with bilayer material, with each layer measuring less than one nanometer in thickness.

Spray-On Water Repellent Protective Coating

Scientists claim the protective coating could also be used to prevent ice from forming on aeroplanes' wings. Scientists at the Nanotechnology Research Laboratory at The...

Cool Fashion Design Cools the Wearer

Clothing that cools the wearer could save on air conditioning bills. A low-cost, plastic-based textile developed by Stanford engineers could become commonplace in hot...

Weyl fermions to Help in the Development of Quantum Computers

Discovered by Researchers at the US Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory, The weyl seminetal (a solid-state crystal the low energy excitations of which are...

Clean Water From Sponge-like material that Separates Out Contaminants

The foam consists of two materials: cellulose and graphene oxide, which conducts heat. When the foam is suspended in a container of water and...

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